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''There is such an opportunity in China to find amazing people who are eager for the opportunity to learn, see a large vision for success for themselves and their families, and are almost desperate to get the education and skillset that will help them succeed.'' 

''Management Success China came out of my passion for helping develop this group of young talents in China, and bridging the vast gap in skills between supervisor level, up-and-coming managers and executives. I think there is a huge opportunity to help this group of young managers develop themselves into more senior managers and executives.''

Michelle specializes in ''teaching them the basic, intermediate and advanced skills that they need to move up and ultimately lead their groups for future growth.'' 

''My clients are generally small, medium-sized entrepreneurial groups, who are growing 20% to 30% year on year in their business. Most of them have a nice mix of international and local talent. Most of them are locally owned or a joint venture headed by an international executive.'' 

''I have two channels that I am developing at all times. One is the executive understanding of how to develop his or her group in China. The other channel is very much the Chinese management team and the up-and-coming Chinese talent that require coaching and development for their management skills.'' 

''I work both in English and Chinese, trying to bridge this gap between the executive and the management team.''

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