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On average Chinese employees tend to change jobs frequently, which means the labor market is more fluid than elsewhere in the world and employers face an uphill climb trying to develop loyalty with staff. 

Still, there are helpful rules of thumb which Western employers can keep in mind and practice with their teams. 

Michelle LaVallee, drawing on her 17 years of experience leading people and growing businesses in China, shares her insights. 

1. Communicate Regularly and Openly

''When I think about employee retention in China, what almost always comes to mind in the beginning is ensuring that there is a regular conversation with the employee.'' 

''If you have a regular conversion -- be it weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly -- you must start there first.'' 

''Most retention comes from open and honest feedback and communication.'' 


2. Promote Learning Opportunities

''I also think about the systems and procedures that allow your talented employees to keep getting promoted or having an opportunity to develop." 

''It does not necessarily mean a new title or new position. It means learning. Learning opportunities are a big part of keeping your talent with you.'' 


3. Systematically Coach Values


''Another key point to retention in China is culture, coaching on your values constantly across the company.'' 

''Whether your values are about integrity, transformation, innovation or profit, all of these can be important to your company.'' 

''The values are a big part of your culture and they need to be coached regularly to keep the right people with you.''

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